Low-Medium flow / Low head / Single-stage self-priming type

  • The motor and the pump are integrated for smaller sizes and lighter weights
  • The self-priming function and floor mount offer a wider choice of installation locations, not limited to the top of tank
  • EU RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant
  • EU Directive for CE marking compliant
  • The lineup includes the models that meet efficiency of the various regulations: VKN type : Equipped with a standard efficiency (IE1) motor. VKN-e type : Equipped with a top-runner efficiency (equivalent to IE3) motor (VKN115A). VKN-7W type : Equipped with a U.S. UL approved motor. (750W is NEMA premium efficiency.) VKN-G/GS types: Equipped with a Chinese energy standard regulation (GB18613-2012) efficiency (grade GB3) motor * (VKN115A)
  • Enhanced protection against mist and other environmental elements is available
  • The lineup that includes both VKN-A type (standard type) and VKN-H type (pressure type) broadens the scope of choices of heads and flow rates. VKN-H type offers approximately 30% more pressure than VKN-A type