Medium-High flow / Medium head / Multi-stage self-priming type

  • Energy-saving pump equipped with a top-runner efficiency (equivalent to IE3) motor (LPS-e)
  • The structure and materials are not easily affected by dirty coolants
  • As impeller is made of FCD and non-seal (mechanical seal-less) structure is adopted, the pump is highly durable
  • The self-priming function and floor mount offer a wider choice of installation location, not limited to the top of the tank
  • Can be used for highly viscous coolants. (LPS40D-e)
  • The lineup includes the models that meet the efficiency of the various regulations: LPS-e type : Equipped with a top-runner efficiency (equivalent to IE3) motor. LPS-G/GS type : Equipped with a Chinese energy standard regulation (GB18613-2012) efficiency (grade GB3) motor